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Sharon works with a variety of people and organisations including corporations, community groups, local authorities, universities and colleges, freelance professionals and specialist workers. She develops and delivers projects bespoke to their needs from concept to completion.

Sharon writes and performs
Soundness of Minds, a series of verbatim theatre, bittersweet monologues commissioned by the Jennifer Cole Trust, a private mental health charity, performed to the North East’s regional mental health community

Community Artist

Sharon works from the ground up, leveraging the creative potential that is already present in the client group, allowing for their ownership.

She is a pioneer in the use of humour to increase well-being and empowerment and specialises in mental health areas.
Laughter For Lasses, a pioneering workshop program on empowerment where women wrote and performed their own comedy routine to an audience at a specially created showcase to celebrate International Women’s Day
The Wizard Of Oz, a Spring pantomime where participants created a cross art pantomime from scratch, including all of the form’s elements – "oh no they didn’t" "oh yes they did". They performed it to a live audience, in celebration of Mental Health Awareness Week 2018
Getting Shirty an inventive cross art creative day devised and facilitated where participants wrote a short, creative piece exploring mental health issues, took a quote from it and put it on a t-shirt!
The t-shirts were displayed and sold at a special performance showcase for Mental Health Awareness Week 2017